Our Achievements

What We Have Already Done

Extensive product development planning

2011<br/><span style="color:#000">Extensive product development planning</span>

Dr Stephen Page, a leading veterinary pharmacologist, with a successful background with big pharma, kick starts the pre-clinical studies of Luoda’s pipeline

BioSA grant to support novel dairy unit experiment

2013<br/><span style="color:#000">BioSA grant to support novel dairy unit experiment</span>

Awarded $50,000 to support the development of experimental dairy at University of Adelaide’s Roseworthy Campus

JUN 2013
Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant

JUN 2013<br/><span style="color:#000">Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant</span>

Grant worth over $500,000 to help find solutions to the issue of antibiotic resistance in animal health

NOV 2013
Patent application: Pimobendan Liquid Formulation

NOV 2013<br/><span style="color:#000">Patent application: Pimobendan Liquid Formulation</span>

Examination phase of the international patent commences globally.

FEB 2014
Patent application: microbial infection treatments

FEB 2014<br/><span style="color:#000">Patent application: microbial infection treatments</span>

Patent applications submitted to protect the use of ionophores for the treatment of mastitis in dairy cattle and skin infections in dogs

DEC 2014
Distribution & Development agreement signed

DEC 2014<br/><span style="color:#000">Distribution & Development agreement signed</span>

Major agreement with a Top 10 Global Pharmaceutical company for the commercialisation of an oral solution of the canine cardiac drug pimodendan

Over $2m seed capital already invested in R&D

2011-15<br/><span style="color:#000">Over $2m seed capital already invested in R&D</span>

A recent second fund raise has put Luoda in a position where its current portfolio is fully-funded.

JULY 2015
Registration dossier submitted to APVMA

JULY 2015<br/><span style="color:#000">Registration dossier submitted to APVMA</span>

Pimobendan liquid formulation becomes Luoda’s first submission to APVMA for registered status

September 2016

Pimobendan oral solution approved by APVMA and sales as VETMEDIN ORAL SOLUTION commence soon afterwards.

Our Achievements

Luoda has already achieved many significant milestones – establishing a solid patent base protecting each product in the pipeline, an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant, as well as the highly sought-after Innovation Champion Award from Adelaide Research & Innovation.