Further Patent Applications submitted by Luoda Pharma

The Company is pleased to announce that it submitted the following patents: Provisional Application number 2015905079 – Methods and Compositions for Treating Gastric Ulcers with Esomeprazole (filed 8 December 2015) Provisional Application number 2015905078 – Methods and Compositions For Treating Gastric Ulcers (filed 8 December 2015). These patents relate to one of Luoda’s most exciting [...]

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Luoda signs second major partnership with Big Pharma company

Luoda is pleased to announce that on 14 December, it signed a partnership with a major animal health company for the research and development of a patented treatment for bovine mastitis. The commercial terms of this partnership agreement are confidential. This is the second major agreement with a major pharmaceutical company that Luoda has signed [...]

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New Luoda-supported research article on Bovine Mastitis published

Research and Development programmes funded by Luoda have assisted the authors of a new journal article on treatments for Bovine Mastitis: Khazandi, M., P. Eats, D. Trott, E. Ebrahimie, J. Perry, E. Hickey, S. Page, S. Garg and K. R. Petrovski (2015). “Development of an improved Streptococcus uberis experimental mastitis challenge model using different doses [...]

Pimobendan liquid formulation acceptability study completed

A study has recently been completed that compared the ease of administration or voluntary acceptance by dogs of the Luoda liquid formulation of pimobendan compared with the currently marketed commercial alternative, which are chewable tablets. 10 dogs were dosed with the liquid product and 10 with the chewable tablets twice a day for 5 days followed by [...]

Luoda Successfully Completes $1M Capital Raise

Luoda is pleased to announce that it has raised approximately $1,000,000 in additional capital from over a dozen external investors in Australia and from abroad. The directors believe this gives Luoda enough resources to ambitiously pursue clinical work on all pipeline products without over-capitalising at a time when it is receiving an encouraging number of [...]

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Luoda signs Distribution & Development Agreement with Global Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

Luoda has today signed a major Distribution & Development Agreement with a Global Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company and a leader in animal health. The Agreement sets out a partnership framework for commercialising one of Luoda’s most developed pipeline product, its pimobendan liquid formulation While the terms of the agreement are confidential, it does provide for [...]

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