The Company is pleased to announce that it submitted the following patents:

  • Provisional Application number 2015905079 – Methods and Compositions for Treating Gastric Ulcers with Esomeprazole (filed 8 December 2015)
  • Provisional Application number 2015905078 – Methods and Compositions For Treating Gastric Ulcers (filed 8 December 2015).

These patents relate to one of Luoda’s most exciting products, a long-lasting injectable formulation to treat gastric ulcers in horses and other species as well as an oral paste. Luoda has benefited from the assistance of Dr Ben Sykes, the world’s foremost authority on equine gastric ulcers, in testing the efficacy of these products. Gastric ulcers are an extremely prevalent and medically important condition in horses – and with over 250,000 horses in Australia and over 10,000,000 horses in the USA, Luoda believes this product has extraordinary commercial potential.