Our Vision

Luoda has a clear commercialisation strategy at the core of its business. This strategy is largely driven by Luoda’s historical association with Bova Compounding, Australia’s largest veterinary compounder.

Our Achivements

Luoda has already had significant achievements to date, including three patent applications, an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant…

Virtual Pharmaceutical Companies (VPC)

VPCs differ from other R&D and Biotech companies in that they solely comprise experienced teams of managers and consultants who coordinate and monitor

Management Team

As a virtual pharmaceutical company, Luoda has a core team of experienced pharmacologists and managers who coordinate and monitor on a contractual basis a set of external consultant specialists…

About Us

Our Origins

Luoda Pharma (“Luoda“) is an Australian pharmaceutical company that has a particular focus on producing novel animal health products. Luoda has its origins in 2011 when Stephen Page, one of Australia’s pre-eminent veterinary pharmacologists, and Nick Bova, the founder of Bova Compounding, the leading veterinary compounder in Australia, met to discuss how to solve the many unmet treatment issues in veterinary medicine.

Our Track Record

Luoda has already made a number of significant achievements. Luoda has a growing number of patent families protecting its intellectual property globally. Luoda has won a number of competitive Australian research grants supporting the creation of novel products. Despite being such a young company, Luoda has already invented and patented a new animal health product, which has been developed and registered in Australia and is now marketed and sold by a major pharmaceutical company.

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Luoda signs Distribution & Development Agreement with Global Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

Luoda has today signed a major Distribution & Development Agreement with a Global Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company and a leader in animal health. The Agreement sets out a partnership framework for commercialising one of Luoda’s [...]

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Our Pipeline

Feline Analgesic

Luoda is developing a formulation for pain relief in cats with significant potential for products with enhanced efficacy, safety and convenience as compared to existing treatments.

Otic Combo

Luoda is developing a combination product comprising antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory agents in gel form, administered as a single long acting application into the dog's ear.

Cardiovascular Combination

A flavoured oral liquid combination formula administering common drugs used to better control the animal's heart failure.

Our Offices

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Luoda Pharma Pty Ltd
Suite 1, 304-318 Kingsway, Caringbah
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